Precious Plastic aims to consolidate and enable the growth of a more inclusive and sustainable vision for Baixo Alentejo
During the last 2 years our European volunteers – Lotte, Mathis, Lucas, Jean-Baptiste, Lucia, Anais, Karolina, and Tomek – helped Buinho to manage the Comunity Recycling Center of Messejana, create a new Makerspace for youth digital education, organize Repair Cafés, among many other activities of social and environmental impact.
Precious Plastic Alentejo was coordinated by Buinho, with the support of the following partner organizations – Vulca, Transition town, and Bona Fides
And with the funding of the Erasmus+ Program and support of the Agência Nacional Erasmus+ Juventude em Ação

What is Precious Plastic?

Precious Plastic is an open hardware plastic recycling project started by Dutch designer Dave Hakens in 2013, that spread through the world. In 2017 Buinho built a Precious Plastic shredder, injector, extruder, and compressor, becoming the first Alentejo chapter of this worldwide project.

You may find more information in www.preciousplastic.com and start fighting against global environmental pollution by recycling plastic!


We developed a network of locals that gather, separate, clean and distribute all sorts of PP, HDPE, and PS

Shred it baby, shred it!

Our shredder machine is located in the main recycling hub of Messejana. Here the waste becomes precious raw material

Community Recycling Center

In our Precious Plastic we transform your waste into new products. Our recycling center is capable of producing a small batch of new products

Sexy waste!

Together with you we design and fabricate the future. Come and join this revolution!

Its not only Precious Plastic!!

Our aim is to focus in the empowerment of local rural communities for circular economy. Precious Plastic Alentejo is also responsible for the organization of the Repair Cafés in Alentejo, further spreading the Repair movement through Portugal!

Repair Cafe

What are Repair Cafés?

Also with a start in the Netherlands, the Repair Café movement soon found ground in all continents worldwide. Nowadays this network empowers almost 3 thousand regular repair cafes, and inspire much more similar initiatives. Repair Cafés are community gatherings focus on repairing things.

We devoted our energies in organizing multiple Repair Cafés in different villages and towns in our region, further spreading the movement. Our volunteers also helped us in giving training to senior population in troubleshooting and repairing, and brought the Repair movement into the classrooms.





Repair Cafe

Empowering past and future generations to act upon a better world!

Buinho, and namely with the help of the European Solidarity Corps volunteers, continues to invest in the digital education of children, youth, and seniors.
With a focus on circular economy, all our educational activities are designed to bring together creativity, technology, and sustainable practices.

Educativo meets Transição

Precious Plastic Alentejo is an opportunity for two of the main branches of Buinho to combine forces. Transição that deals with circular economy embraces the digital empowerment of Educativo, Adding them together enables Buinho to tackle complex matters in an innovative and fun approach.


Childrens first (always)

We offer free educational activities for families at Buinho makerspace. Come and visit us at Rua da Bicada, 11 Messejana, every saturday from 15h-18h. From ages 3 till 99, its the perfect opportunity for you and your children to learn robotics, creative coding, and lots of fun games and activities.

Senior Repair Academy

Where do we get our Repair Cafes volunteers? We train them!
If you want to learn how to troubleshoot and repair broken things you might have at your home, then contact us. We offer free training and support to members of our community in Messejana an in the neighboring municipalities


The people behind all of this, our volunteers!

#HackABetterWorld 👌🏻


We’d like to hear from you.

Feel free to drop us a line either by email or have a tea with us at our fablab

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